The Barber (Malmö)

What a cool place.

The barber

It is years i am growing a beard. For no real reason. Laziness? Not even sure. I like it and it is practical in winter 🙂

Also here in Sweden, almost 150% of the men have a beard. I must have got used to.

But something I don’t like is to take care of it. Trim it, cut it etc.
I always manage to get hairs everywhere (wifey not happy…) and being not fan of the result.

And then my wife found that place and booked me a time there. And it was cool. Very cool. I am starting to understand why women love hairdresser.

Now I became a returning happy customer.


I so love to enjoy half an hour doing nothing except sitting with someone taking care of me, my beard and my moustache.

I sit there, enjoy a whisky or beer (or coffee) with good music. Get a perfect result, a good smell and so on.

One really good time, one should have once in a while.
Go there, you will love it

Two adresses, city center or Malmö live

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