Border control, Sweden is building a wall!


Great idea. Lets have a few months more of border control.
It is working so well. So useful. Note, the controls themselves have been possible to be skipped since the beginning (really easy, just go out the train, let the police enter and go back behind them).
Not mentioning that now days there are even NO control anymore in Hyllie (first station in Sweden).
Probably lack of money or ressources.
Wonder how much all this cost? Just for the police. Probably nothing better and more useful to do. Malmö is such as secure city. A rate of one or two or three person killed a week. Cars burning like in good old riots in LA, burglaries increasing…
But lets focus on the border control. Ohhh and whatever for the thousands of commuters in trouble.
Skåne and Malmö was well developing (too well?), let Stockholm have good idea.
And something else, my dear Swedes, I have been removed from some Facebook groups because my ideas were too “violent”. So you are all in acceptance, do nothing, follow the rules even if not good. And ohhh yes this 13 ideas to make things better. They worked so well…. NOOOOTTTT

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