Trains over the bridge, the good joke.

Of course the stupid border control just made everything worst than ever. We went from a train every +- 10 minutes to a train every 20 minutes. (on the planning charts).
But we have to remember that Oresundstag have been a real bad service since years. Of course when one was missing you only had 10 or 20 minutes to wait. Now it is easily going to half an hour or more.
Seriously what have been the politicians in Stockholm been thinking. First they said everybody welcome to Sweden, we are so nice. Come eat köttbullar with us.
And then of course many people want to come. Totally understand them.
And the politicians went in the OSHIT mode and closing the border. And the nightmare started for more than 10.000 commuters. But who cares. good swedes will not complain and make too much noise. We learned to be politically correct.
Yes Sweden is about being FUCKING politically correct.
I have been banned from the Bron Facebook group because i expressed my doubts about taking no concrete actions and that nothing will change.
Sorry Ture but time shows I was right. Your 11 points to make things better were politically correct and nice.
We see how better it is now. Thank you for taking care of being a nice guy.
No it is not the fault of the train drivers or conductors. But they are working for the company and the system participating to our problem. Not showing our tickets or not buying tickets should be a first action. If they agree it is a messy problem they will let go. If not they call the police. Good luck to arrest 500 persons.
Now it is time WE should act against these issues we are facing every day.
Some ideas? They are all welcome.But one thing is sure. Being nice and a good sheep is not helping.
We need massive grouping on action.
What to do?`Well I dont know… but i sense that most of us are getting crazy.
1) Refusing to show the train tickets or at least make it long and burdening. “Oh my ticket has a signalfäl come back in 5 minutes”
2) If many could refuse to show their IDs (In Kastrup because there are NO checks in Malmö anymore. How absurd)
4) Use #oresundsdelays on twitter
5) Please come with ideas…
All I know it is time we concretely do something, or it will get worst and worst and for years!!!!
Please share comment and you are welcome to get ANGRY.
Dont be afraid to say what you think, you will feel better!!!!

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