How to clean your Facebook.

During years I have been liking, posting many many things on my Facebook account.
Thousands of comments, photos etc… a lot of things too many.

More and more, scandals coming and other things, I would like to clean that…
Problem I do not want to delete or remove my Facebook account for many different reasons. Good or not.
Still it is cool to see what is happening with your old friends, especially when you are an expat.
And my Facebook credits are used for access, manage pages or other things.

What I want to do it is to delete the content I have published on it!
Of course, I am pretty sure all this is still and will always be somewhere. Already harvested… But nervermind, my idea? Clean my Facebook.
How can I do that???

Not so simple.
Did a small (really small research) and it seems that you have to go in a tab called activity log and delete manually all your stuffs…

Wait 10 years on Facebook, 200 days where I used it per year (being nice here), 10 actions every time… It would mean 20000 logs.
And I would have to do that manually. IMPOSSIBLE.

Of course there is nothing on Facebook allowing a bulk delete of that (wonder why?).
So I did this and it seems to work…

1) I backuped everything. Still one day I would like to see these parts of my life
2) I used a small chrome extension called “social book post manager
3) Since a few days I am running it on different iterations etc to get a full clean but it seems to do the job.


Will keep you posted on this but if you want to keep your account but “clean it”, it may be a way to go

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