And in Denmark?

Puisque je vis à la frontière (un pont plus loin) et que j’y bosse, je surveille aussi avec attention la situation danoise.

Voici en anglais les dernières nouvelles. Comme vous le lirez, elles sont plutôt pas mauvaises…

J’ai trouvé ce poste sur facebook et le retranscris ici.

Currently in Denmark 

Corona press conference – Tuesday the 14th of April, 16:00 – (10th DK press conference.) 

Corona numbers are still looking better in Denmark. We are definitely on the green curve at the moment, so they are going ahead with the slight opening tomorrow the 15th of April.

Status now: “It is going better than expected

The number of admitted to the hospitals and the numbers of people admitted to intensive care have fallen.

(The number of deaths are a lacking indicator so admitted to hospital and intensive care is a better “live status”.)

It is going better than expected so they are opening “a bit more” than previously announced.

The opening will still be slow, countries have burnt their fingers on opening too fast. “We” want to avoid that.

We are hopefully through the first “halftime” – but when slowly opening up – we may still need to go back if the numbers gets worse.

The numbers WILL get worse if we begin to loosen up on: Taking our precautions when out and in, washing hands, keeping distance etc. + protecting our at risk groups.

The government calls Corona the largest crisis since WWII

2nd of April marked the peak of our corona curve in hospital admissions. The infection rate is now 0,6R (one infected, infected 0,6 new people)

The positive development is happening because of a sharp decrease in infection rates for people in the age group: 60-79 year old.

They are normally still able to handle themselves and can thereby isolate themselves better.

There have also been a slight positive development in the infection rates of +80 year olds. The decrease is however not as drastic as they to a higher degree rely on help from outside which makes it harder for them to isolate.

Few extra openings now and new openings are being planned. 

More regular health activities will start up again. 

More planned operations will be rescheduled. (Not all, to limit people at hospitals)

People should now go to the doctor if they have medical concerns. Like they did before Corona.

If you have corona symptoms you should still always call ahead so you don’t infect others at the clinic.

The new opening is calculated to give an infection rate going from 0,6R to 0,8R meaning that the curve should still be decreasing.

The priority when opening is to save jobs

The businesses that will be prioritized to open will be negotiated with the rest of the political parties and the interest organizations during the coming weeks. 
= There is no specific openings announced other than the medical activities

When are we getting our normal lives back?

We are eventually going back to family parties, hugs and where the young can be young.

But until there is a vaccine we have to learn to adjust our living in a hopefully continually more and more open society. = There is no specific dates. 

EDIT: I think family gathering and hugs are going to be back before a vaccine, but they were in general very vague about the timeline. But before a vaccine, life is probably not going to be exactly the same as before corona.

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