Thank you arbetsförmedlingen #NOT

Looking for a job in Sweden ain’t nothing easy.

Do not expect to get any valuable help.

Here is an exemple. Experience of someone I know. Yes just an exemple but… could be funny if it was not a bit of a serious matter.

People are paid to “help” you. They will come with good advises like talk to your neighboors, they maybe know something for you.

WAIT STOP, HELLLOOOOO!!! Talk to your neighboors?
Thank you Madam, thank you for the advise… do you know where we are? We are in SWEDEN. Yes SWEDEN.

Nothing against you, nothing against the country, but you know… you do not talk to your neighboors here.

IfI go and start to talk to them about random things like that, they will probably call the police. If I am lucky they will just think I am crazy or retarted… but that will not help me to find a job!!!!

So please, think… and maybe try to do your job good. If not i may take it and will help you to find one another or NOT!

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